By Craig Childress, CFP®

As the year winds down, we at Oswego Wealth Advisors would like to take the time to reflect on all that 2022 has brought us. We are grateful for the long-lasting relationships we have built with our clients and colleagues over the years. In this season of gratitude, we want to express our gratitude for each of you!  We wish you the very best in this holiday season and throughout the new year! 

A Friend’s Greeting


Edgar Guest

I’d like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me;

I’d like to be the help that you’ve been always glad to be;

I’d like to mean as much to you each minute of the day

As you have meant, old friend of mine, to me along the way.

I’d like to do the big things and the splendid things for you,

To brush the gray from out your skies and leave them only blue;

I’d like to say the kindly things that I so oft have heard,

And feel that I could rouse your soul the way that mine you’ve stirred.

I’d like to give you back the joy that you have given me,

Yet that were wishing you a need I hope will never be;

I’d like to make you feel as rich as I, who travel on

Undaunted in the darkest hours with you to lean upon.

I’m wishing at this Christmas time that I could but repay

A portion of the gladness that you’ve strewn along my way;

And could I have one wish this year, this only would it be:

I’d like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me.

This poem is in the public domain.

Let’s Connect

Our favorite days are the ones when we get to witness the joy and relief on our clients’ faces when they realize they can pursue their dreams and live their ideal lifestyles.

Do you have any lingering questions concerning your investments and finances? If you’d like to check in before the end of the year to make sure your finances are prepared for a successful 2023 and beyond, schedule a phone call or call 503-342-2249. We look forward to hearing from you!

About Craig 

Craig Childress is Wealth Manager and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional at Oswego Wealth Advisors, an independent firm in Lake Oswego, Oregon, dedicated to helping their clients remove financial uncertainty so they can focus on what matters most. With over 35 years of experience, Craig employs a personal approach to help people find solutions to their financial needs and concerns, set goals, clarify their values, and design a plan that aligns their money with their values. He does everything with purpose and intention, and cares deeply about his clients and their families, desiring to equip and empower them to work toward financial freedom and a fulfilling life. As a Fiduciary, Craig puts his clients first, always, and provides transparent guidance that makes a significant difference in their lives. When he is not serving his clients, you can find Craig involved at River West Church, serving the community here and abroad through the Lake Oswego Rotary Club, reading, gardening, or playing his guitar. He loves spending time with his family, especially his wife, Terri, and their grown children. To learn more about Craig, connect with him on LinkedIn.