Planning to make a difference.

Planning that makes a difference.

We stay focused on your finances, so you can stay focused on what matters most!

The Blueprint Process is a powerful, research-driven system for setting and pursuing your financial life goals.

Oswego Wealth Advisors helps you to create your own financial life plan. We call it The Blueprint Process. It will give you the confidence to take control of your financial life.

The first step in The Blueprint Process is the Explore meeting. We want to get acquainted with you and understand your needs. This includes determining the potential fit for a relationship with Oswego Wealth Advisors.

It’s About You

  • It’s your story. We listen to you and give guidance in meeting your life goals.
  • Your goals, your plan, our coaching.
  • We help you pursue those goals and create a Blueprint Plan based on what’s most important to you.

It Stays About You

  • As a fiduciary*, we put your interest first.
  • We customize a Financial Life Plan just for you.
  • As we continue our relationship, it is our desire to help you spend less time worrying about the uncertainty of what’s ahead and more time enjoying the life that matters most to you.

* CFP® Fiduciary Duty – “At all times when providing Financial Advice to a Client, a CFP® professional must act as a fiduciary, and therefore, act in the best interests of the Client.”

We adjust your plan when goals change or new concerns arise.

Accomplish what you’re capable of!

We all have big goals and dreams and often don’t know where to begin. The Blueprint Process sets you on a path to pursue those things most important to you.

Oswego Wealth Advisors’ mission is to empower our clients to discover and fulfill their purpose through our financial life planning process, known as The Blueprint Process.

Craig Childress

Craig Childress

Managing Partner

Craig Childress believes in taking care of the details, and his clients are glad he does. With a career that spans more than 37 years, Craig has earned the respect and loyalty of clients who depend on him for advice and guidance that extends into every corner of their lives, even into the next generation.

Never one to jump to conclusions or make assumptions, Craig begins each client relationship by listening. Then, with his commonsense approach to tackling even complex financial issues, Craig helps clients feel confident that their financial plan is the suitable plan – at the right time – for them.

A consummate businessperson and leader, Craig serves the local and global community through his activities with Lake Oswego Rotary and River West Church and other civic and charitable organizations. Craig enjoys playing guitar with friends, both on and off the stage, golf and gardening. Craig, his wife Terri, and their three children, Courtney, Joy, and Connor are longtime Portland residents who enjoy our region’s beautiful landscapes and style of life.

“I love helping the people Christ brings my way to clarify their values and get excited about new opportunities in life,” says Craig. “It’s amazing. A simple discussion can lead to clarity and identifiable, actionable plans. When your assets are aligned with your values, you are managing them purposefully – and that can help you to live purposefully.”

Get to know Craig better. Click here to inquire about a no-obligation consultation or give him a call at 503-342-2249.

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